Bio King Cleaners aims to help music, film, television, and all entertainment productions impacted by COVID-19 by offering disinfection, sanitizing, and compliance services. We offer infection control consultations and COVID-19 compliance and disinfection services for peace of mind.

All productions must establish and enforce COVID-19 safety protocols, train staff on protocols, and monitor compliance.

We have Certified COVID-19 Compliance Officers on staff who can provide and reinforce safety protocols on any film set and for live events.

Our compliance services includes:

  • Pre-production Consultation
  • Testing Coordinating
  • Enforcing Safety Protocols
  • PPE and Sanitizing Solutions for Cast and Crew

As part of the compliance process, film sets must also hire a professional company to disinfect sets before and after every shoot. Bio King Cleaners is a fully licensed and insured cleaning company and our cleaning protocols meet the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) guidelines.

Our sanitization process includes:

  • Disinfecting the area using UV light and Ozone
  • Fogging all the areas with a EPA-N verified cleaner
  • Spraying all contaminated areas with an EPA-N verified cleaner with focus on high touch zones
  • Wiping off all areas using single use microfiber rags

How to request services:

We provide services for:

  • Music Videos
  • Commercial Sets
  • Film Productions
  • Live Concert Events
  • And more!

Learn more about reopening protocol for music, television and film production in LA county.